Collaborate with various NGOs to make a difference to the city we call home, Chennai.
Unite with like-minded organizations to give our city what it truly deserves.


Environmentalist Foundation of India

Cleaner Lakes for a Healthy Habitat

EFI is a wildlife conservation and habitat restoration group with passionate individuals who care enough to do something for the country and its environment.They aim to nurture the flora and fauna of this country by focussing on activities likes cleaning lakes and setting up animal care centres.


join the cause

  • What?
    Be a part of EFI’s efforts to rid two large lakes in Chennai of garbage.
  • How
    Spend a few hours during weekends this September and October, and contribute to cleaner lakes and a healthier environment.

The Paint Box

Paint the town with Colours

The Paint Box aims to clean up public spaces and bring about social awareness, with the objective of inspiring people to start owning their surroundings. They bring together art enthusiasts, public space 'cleaners' and lovers of aesthetics, to clean and attractively paint select walls in the city, or to enamour them with captivating lines of poetry.

Join The Paint Box in transforming eight walls in two months and bring alive our forgotten walls.

Devote a few hours every weekend to either the “Wall Painting” or “Poetry on Walls” sessions.

To sign up, Contact 8939976751, 9500135438, 9940195897


Saving Trees for a Better Future

TNizhal promotes concern for trees in urban areas, engaging in activities like Tree Walks, Tree Surveys, and ‘Free the Tree’ Campaigns. It has facilitated the transformation of a five acre dump yard in Kotturpuram into a biodiversity tree park housing 600 trees and over 100 indigenous species.

Over the next two months, Nizhal is set to make Mylapore greener by documenting the existing greenery, freeing trees of abuse, and planting indigenous saplings.

Spend a couple of hours every Sunday in making the city greener.

To sign up, Contact 9884114721, 8870005455, 9840904621 Mail Visit


Recycle today for a better tomorrow

Unable to spare time to volunteer? Help drive our initiatives by simply giving away your recyclable trash. Reach out to Paperman, a social enterprise that helps people recycle their trash, and uses the proceeds to bring about social change.

They will connect you to the nearest local scrap dealer, who would visit your homes to buy your trash. While the materials are sent for recycling, 100% of the proceeds from the sale would be channelized into Friends of Chennai’s social initiatives.

Call Paperman in the next two months to contribute your trash.

To sign up, Contact 8015269831 Visit