Plastic Drive

The smallest of change can lead to the biggest of results. With an aim of reducing the plastic pollution around our city, The Hindu Friends of Chennai in partnership with Earth Recyclers, Reciprocity Foundation, Environmentalist Foundation Of India, Paperman & Patterson Energy initiated a Plastic Drive around Chennai.

More than 30 locations and organisations were identified as ‘plastic drop points’ across the city, and the citizens of Chennai were invited to be a part of this initiative by dropping off all their unwanted plastic materials such as plastic covers, spoons, wrappers, tumblers etc. The plastic Drop points included schools, colleges, corporates, IT Parks and residential complexes around the city.

The Drive took place from June 4th 2018 to June 8th 2018 on the occasion of World Environment Day.
At the end of the drive, 1,325 Kgs of plastic was collected in 5 days.
The Collected plastic was later segregated based on its type. A part of the segregated plastic was used for recycling to make new, usable products. Some was used for up-cycling into usable products such as dustbins, pieces of furniture etc. and the remaining was used for Pyrolysis,  a process of converting plastic into fuel

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