Madras Ah Suthi Pakka Porom!

The Hindu Friends of Chennai organized a city tour to commemorate the founding day of Madras, now Chennai. The day popularly called the Madras Day was an idea that was born when a group of Madras lovers got together a few years ago to celebrate the city, its history, traditions and culture. The city tour was ideated with a view to string together the city’s history, its past and its present. The Hindu editorial ran a Chennai based contest where readers had to guess answers to questions based on some of the archives about Chennai. The winners selected, were given the opportunity to be taken on an exciting tour around namma Chennai. On board the AC coach branded with the Hindu Friends of Chennai, the participants visited places like karl Schimdt Memorial, Egmore Museum. Rippon building, Armenian Church, Fort St George, Island Ground etc. A professional guide was also present to educate the commuters about the great histories behind each of these places revealing many little known facts. Apart from the winners of the contest, a number of students from Hindustan University also volunteered to support this massive celebration. Following this, a day was also specially allotted for school children who registered to be a part of the festivities. The event received TV coverage from the likes of channels like Win TV. The tour was a memorable experience for everyone involved, to see the city for its worth and glory. A sense of pride to be a Chennaite was the gleaming takeaway from the ‘Madras ah suthi pakka porom’ initiative.

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