Story of
friends of chennai

The Hindu Friends of Chennai, a community relations initiative started by the publishing house, The Hindu Group is a project aimed at celebrating Chennai by bringing together Chennaites, NGOs and other sponsors and partners to create a better Chennai. Through its website and Facebook page, we provide an open channel of communication for people to gain awareness and mobilize in the interest of serving their society and the environment. It focuses on setting agendas that are actioned instead of bemoaning ills and grievances, on doing rather than talking. From planting trees to cleaning up beaches to exciting city tours around namma Chennai, The Hindu Friends of Chennai is actively invested in championing civic change and performing acts that have real and concrete effects that benefit the community.

Our History:

Charity begins at home. Established in 1887 in erstwhile Madras, The Hindu is one of India’s most prominent national newspapers, and has been the guardian of the truth for 139 years. With incisive reporting, intelligent articles and a fiercely independent editorial stand, The Hindu has always shed light on the issues that affect the world at large.

There is a special bond that exists between The Hindu and the city that has been its home and headquarters for almost a century and half. The initiative – The Hindu Friends of Chennai stemmed from the organization’s urge to contribute back to the very community that provided for its existence over the years. Started in the year 2014, The Hindu Friends of Chennai is a call to meaningful activism, a platform where people can come together and do their bit for the city.

Our Mission:

To bring Chennaites together for a result oriented fun volunteering across sectors in a view to work towards making a difference.

Our vision:

To make “namma” Chennai, a better place to live in.

Our focus:

Friends of Chennai is driven by an unshakeable commitment to the city and its people. It aims to involve, ignite and inspire citizens across Chennai to address the various challenges faced by the city. The initiative involves volunteers engaging in voluntary work from cleaning the beaches to planting trees to baking for charity. It is a combined effort with a focus to make Chennai City a better place to live in.